15 Timeless Italian Exotic Supercars

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Ferrari World FinalsPhoto credit: Bigstock

Supercars, exotic cars, sports cars – you all know what they are. If you don’t own one, you have probably dreamed of it, drooling in front of the computer or a parking. These extremely expensive, luxurious and fast sports cars usually include limited production specials from an “elite” automaker, standard-looking cars modified for power and performance, as well as models that appeal to enthusiasts from smaller manufacturers.

This time, we will present you the kings of kings – Italian iconic beauties, made by legendary manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo. We will show you the best of the best – most expensive and the most luxurious ones that only the luckiest people posses. Read on to see top 15 Italian supercars that we have prepared for you. Enjoy!

1. Ferrari FXX

Powerful, luxurious and exotic – those are the three words that best describe the Ferrari automobiles. Enzo Ferrari, an advent racer is a man that stands behind possibly the most popular and the most widely recognized supercars of today.

The foundation of the Ferrari company resulted in what you see today – production of high quality, recognizable, iconic Italian sports cars that will probably never fail. Ferrari is one of the first developers of exotic sports supercars and although the list is more or less random, Ferrari deserves to be on its top.

Ferrari FXX is one of the most expensive cars in the world, with $2 million price, based on Ferrari Enzo and named after the founder of the brand. Its official debut was in 2005, although the prototype was revealed back in 2002.

It was first exhibited in the Contemporary Art Museum of Tokyo, then revealed on Bologna Motor Show. Incredible fact about FXX: it is not allowed to drive it on the roads. In fact, this model was built for the track, and only 29 of them were ever made.

If you were the lucky buyer, you would get several more benefits besides owning an awesome supercar. Those are the storage at the Ferrary factory in Maranello, 14 track events and a private course on how to drive this magnificent beast.

This supercar was exhibited and tested in a Top Gear episode in 2009. It was owned and driven by Michael Schumacher, dressed as the Stig. The car completed a lap in 1 minute and 10.7 seconds.

Ferrari FXX specifications:

Its engine is a 6.3 L V12, rear-mid-mounted, 65-degree, naturally aspirated aluminium, with more than 790 hp in a chassis that weighs 2546 pounds. The gearbox is from Formula 1, and FXX is nearly as fast as the track cars, shifting between gears in under 100 milliseconds.

The aerodynamics of FXX creates 40 percent more downforce than Enzo. A rear-facing video camera on each car feeds to a TFT display in the cockpit. It is equipped with telemetry that collects data every time the engine fires up.

The information is used to monitor the car’s systems and in the future to inform Ferrari designs to come.

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